Christ in You,
the Hope of Glory

From Mount Tabor all the way into the Kingdom, Christ invites us to go from “glory unto glory”
in festal celebration this August.

Entering Narnia
to Find Christ

Many journeyed through the wardrobe to discover Christ in C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe at this year’s Vacation Bible School.

What a Month
for the Chapel!

In his monthly keynote, Fr. John recounts a busy and blessed June, which included a Cross-planting and authorization for the Chapel to build.

Service Schedule


Matins, 9am. Divine Liturgy, 10am.


Great Vespers, 6pm.


Vespers, 5:30pm.

Feast Days

Divine Liturgy, 8am (M-F) or 9am (S). Great Vespers, 7pm (evening before).