Nothing Compares
to Martyrdom

In his monthly keynote, Fr. John Reeves reflects
on the witness of the 21 new martyrs of Libya,
and asks for their intercession this Lenten season.

Rejoice in the Fast!

As we journey through Lent, Dn. David Smith
encourages us to receive this holy season
of self-denial not begrudgingly, but as a gift
God’s grace for our salvation.

Knowledge is Knowing God

Deacon Mark, Director of Christian Education, reminds us that life consists not in how much we know, but in what and Who we know.

Service Schedule

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Matins, 9am. Divine Liturgy, 10am.
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Great Vespers, 6pm.
August 2, 2010 - Version 2


Vespers, 5:30pm.
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Feast Days

Divine Liturgy, 8am (M-F) or 9am (S). Great Vespers, 7pm (evening before).