Christ in You,
the Hope of Glory

From Mount Tabor all the way into the Kingdom, Christ invites us to go from “glory unto glory”
in solemn celebration this August.


Welcome, Students!

Holy Trinity’s Campus Ministry is dedicated to helping students become the people they were called to be. See what we’re all about at our first dinner meeting on Thursday, August 27.

Welcome, Students!

Kids Put on the Armor of God

Last month, Vacation Bible School kids learned how to use God’s spiritual weapons to fight the everyday battles we all face.

Kids Put on the Armor of God

What God Has Joined Together…

In response to the recent Supreme Court ruling, we’ve collected statements made by Orthodox Christian hierarchs in the U.S. Fr. John has more.

What God Has Joined Together...

God Has Done it All…

In his monthly address, Fr. John reflects on the many ways God has blessed Holy Trinity since arriving in State College twenty years ago.

God Has Done it All...

Service Schedule

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Matins, 9am. Divine Liturgy, 10am.
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Great Vespers, 6pm.
August 2, 2010 - Version 2


Vespers, 5:30pm.
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Feast Days

Divine Liturgy, 8am (M-F) or 9am (S). Great Vespers, 7pm (evening before).