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Eastern Centre County (16801, 16804, 16827, 16828, 16851)

includes Downtown State College, State College (S. Atherton), Boalsburg, Centre Hall, Houserville, and Lemont.

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Using the drop-down fields below, indicate your first, second (if possible), and third (if possible) preference of the following shifts available for your location. If at all possible, select shifts indicated with an asterisk (*) as they have been specifically set apart for your location. Every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate your personal availability and special needs.

You will be contacted within 48 hours to confirm your exact appointment time within the shift you receive. Appointments last approximately 30 minutes from start to finish.

To give as many as possible an opportunity to participate, thirty minutes will be reserved for each blessing. The best way for you to show hospitality is to have your home clean and brightly lit. If possible, have a candle and bowl ready. If you have any questions or need Father John to bring one or more of these items, indicate it in the "Special Needs/Requests" section.

As with all sacraments performed at Holy Trinity, there is absolutely no charge to have your home blessed. Requests can be made by anyone affiliated with Holy Trinity (visitors, friends, catechumens, members, etc.).

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