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Elder Joseph of Optina

Author(s):   Anonymous
Publisher:   Holy Transfiguration Monastery (1984)
Format:   Paperback
Copies:   1 copy available
Product Info:   Editorial Reviews
Another wonderful biography of one of the great Optina Elders. Saint Joseph became a great Elder because first he had been a great disciple. He was obedient to his Elder Father Ambrose in all things, and never contradicted him. Because he renounced his own will, refrained from judging others, and reproached himself for his own sins, Father Joseph acquired humility and the grace of God. He also obtained from the Lord the discernment to recognize every sort of spiritual illness, and how to treat it. He served as cell attendant for Elder Ambrose for many years and then took on the duties of father confessor for Optina after Elder Ambrose died.

The Moscow Patriarchate authorized local veneration of the Optina Elders on June 13,1996.
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