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Orthodox Dogmatic Theology: A Concise Exposition

Author(s):   Michael Pomazansky
Publisher:   St. Herman Press (2006)
Format:   Paperback
Copies:   1 copy available
Product Info:   Editorial Reviews

Product Description
ORTHODOX DOGMATIC THEOLOGY is a book written with one purpose: to inspire, to warm the heart, to lift one above the petty preoccupations of earth in order to glimpse the divine beginning and end of all things. This has always been the purpose and intent of theology: to give one the energy and encouragement to struggle towards God and our heavenly homeland.

The original Russian version has long been regarded as a standard source of Orthodox theology and used for many years as a seminary textbook. The English translation by Fr. Seraphim Rose has made this invaluable sourcebook accessible to those who wish to deepen their understanding of Orthodox Christianity.

ORTHODOX DOGMATIC THEOLOGY was written not for academic theologians, but primarily for pastors, and thus it has a practical approach and simplicity of presentation that is missing in many works of contemporary academic theology.

In ORTHODOX DOGMATIC THEOLOGY one may see a characteristic of genuine Orthodoxy that is so often lost in our cold, rationalistic age. Theology is not primarily a matter of arguments, criticisms, proofs and disproofs; it is first of all men's word about God, in accordance with the divinely revealed teaching of Orthodoxy

Excerpt. ® Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.
As briefly as possible I have set forth for you our love of wisdom, which is dogmatical and not dialectical, in the manner of the fisherman and not of Aristotle, spiritually and not clearly woven, according to the rules of the Church and not the marketplace. --St. Gregory the Theologian, 4th Century
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