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Lynette's Hope: The Witness of Lynette Katherine Hoppe's Life and Death

Author(s):   Luke Veronis
Publisher:   Conciliar Press (2008)
Format:   Paperback
Copies:   1 copy available
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In frank and poignant prose, Lynette's journals, newsletters, and website chronicled her struggles in the 'valley of the shadow' as she faced impending death. Close family friend and fellow missionary Fr. Luke Veronis briefly tells the story of Lynette s life, then lets her writing speak for itself, showing how Lynette's radical faith and love for Christ transformed the tragedy of a young mother's untimely death Into a powerful witness to the love and saving power of her Lord. Those who witnessed Lynette's passing agree that hers was truly a 'beautiful death.' No one who reads this book will come away untouched; all will be stirred to a new resolve to live life as she did, in the presence of God, with joy and faith. Contributors include: Nathan Hoppe Georgia Gillman Patrick Henry Reardon Faith Veronis Sherry Daehn Lynn Holm Dr. Tom Miller Fr. Nick Kasemeotis Joel David Holm Metropolitan John (Pelushi) of Korca Fr. Alexander Veronis Gabriela Bezhani Gaye Buchanan Sonila Dedja Shannon Sakalleriou Christine Pappas James M. Kushiner Tressa Joanna

Editorial Reviews

St. Paul, quoting the Prophet Isaiah, wrote, "Death is swallowed up in victory." Lynette Hoppe offers her life, and most especially her death, as a compelling and unforgettable witness to the resurrection victory of Jesus Christ. This book, so wonderfully written by Fr. Luke Veronis, gracefully reveals the transforming impact that our Christian faith can have in helping us face our final journey with hope and peace. This incredible account is a must read for all believers. --Fr. Peter E. Gillquist, author of Becoming Orthodox

Fr. Veronis captures the heart and soul of Lynette Hoppe, an American evangelical missionary kid from Uganda who journeys to Albania as a dedicated Orthodox believer in Christ. As the Albanians to whom she and her husband work among emerge from the darkness of atheistic rule, she faces her own terminal cancer with such faith and grace that she inspires many to follow Jesus. I highly recommend this testimony of Christ-like suffering and hope to Christians from all traditions. --Todd Johnson, Center for the Study of Global Christianity, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

For centuries in some traditionally Orthodox countries the oppression suffered by believers was such that mission work in any usual sense of the term was simply impossible. In no country was this more true than Albania, the only Communist regime that closed every place of worship, whether Christian, Moslem or Jewish, and forbid any form of religious life, even in one's home. When at last it became possible for the Orthodox Church to return to visible life and activity in Albania, among those who volunteered to help the Church were two Americans, Nathan and Lynette Hoppe. Albania became their life's work, a vocation Nathan continues with to this day. Even though her life was cut short by cancer, Lynette will always be part of it also. This collection of her writings, along with vivid memories others have contributed, is not only a record of an astonishing, Christ-revealing life, but an invitation to each of us to find ways to share our faith with others. --Jim Forest, author of Praying with Icons

About the Author
Fr. Luke A. Veronis served as an OCMC missionary for twelve years, more than ten of which were in Albania. During their final six years in the mission field, he and his family not only worked as co-missionaries, but became dearest of friends with the Hoppe Family. Fr. Luke presently pastors Ss. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Webster.