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The Life of Columba

Author(s):   Geoff Green
Publisher:   Floris Books (2000)
Format:   Hardcover
Copies:   1 copy available
Product Info:   Book Description

The great sixth century saint and founder abbot of Iona, St Columba, left a mark on history that endures to this day far beyond Celtic lands. An account of his life and deeds has come down to us in the writings of Adamnan, ninth abbot of Iona, who drew on the living memories of the saint's contemporaries. Selections from Adamnan's authoritative Life, recounting the prophecies, miracles and mystical visions concerning Columba, are here presented with the moving account of his death. The text is accompanied by an atmospheric photographic portrait of the landscape in which Columba lived and his spirit still thrives.

Editorial Reviews

'Based on the original Latin MS written by Adamnan, ninth abbot of Iona, this small book is a real treasure. Divided into three sections -- Prophecies, Miracles, Visions -- it recounts many stories from the life of Columba. The book is interspersed with beautifully atmospheric photos of the island.' -- Scientific and Medical Network Review, December 2000