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I Confess One Baptism

Author(s):   George D. Metallinos
Publisher:   St. Pauls Monastery (1994)
Format:   Paperback
Copies:   1 copy available
Product Info:   From the Preface

IN THE theological dialogues of our time, the holy sacraments are the center of discussion. Much has been said in the precincts of the Ecumenical Movement about unity and agreement in the sacraments. It follows that this should be even more so the case with holy baptism, the sacrament by which entrance into the Church is accomplished. It is therefore absolutely necessary that the full extent of the patristic tradition’s position be sufficiently known in these discussions, so that the course of navigation towards the revealed and only salvific Truth always be discernable.

We selected the subject of the present study with this in mind, when we were very honored by the invitation to participate in the ‘’Theological Symposium’’ sponsored by the ‘’Patriarchal Institute for Patristic Studies,’’ which is under the direction of Prof. Panayiotis Christou. The ‘’Symposium’’ met from 24-27 August 1981 in Thessaloniki, and he subject was the Second Ecumenical Council.

The first part of the present work, i.e. the Interpretation of Canon VII of the Second Ecumenical Council by the Kollyvades and by C. Oikonomos of the Oikonomoi, constituted the report which was read at the ‘’Symposium.’’ It was deemed necessary, however, to supplement the report with the historical dimension of the problem, i.e. the same writer’s teaching on the application of this Canon in the life of the Church.

Hence, it is from the bottom of our heart that we thank the P.I.P.S. for providing us with the occasion to compose the present work, and also certain venerable fathers of the Holy Mountain, who not only morally, but also materially contributed to its publication. The sure fact that the Holy Mountain in every age, and particularly today, continues to be the ark in which the Orthodox Holy- Spiritual way of life (hesychastic tradition) is preserved unaltered and the Orthodox Faith remains intact, serves to underline the importance of the Kollyvades Fathers of the Holy Mountain – and indeed St. Nikodemos who was surnamed Hagioritis, which means ‘’resident of the Holy Mountain – as bearers and witnesses of Orthodox Tradition.

† Protopresbyter George D. Metallinos
Epiphany, 1983