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Faith in the Byzantine World

Author(s):   Mary B. Cunningham
Publisher:   IVP Books (2002)
Format:   Paperback
Copies:   1 copy available
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Today the Byzantine world is a tantalizing mystery--a world you might like to explore but one so remote and esoteric as to defy understanding. With Faith in the Byzantine World, Mary Cunningham offers you the opportunity to explore this legendary empire and to understand the central role of Christian faith in its development and success.Spanning eleven centuries from A.D. 330 to 1453, this IVP Histories volume traces Byzantine church history and affords close-up views of notable teachings and practices, including the solitary ideal, holy places and holy people, service to the community, the nature of belief, and art, architecture and icons.Boasting fabulous illustrations of Byzantine art, this book offers a clear and easy-to-read introduction to the history, art and sheer "otherness" of the Byzantine era.

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About the Author
Mary Cunningham is a Byzantine and Patristics scholar and the coauthor of The Cambridge Companion to Orthodox Christian Theology.
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