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A History of Icon Painting

Author(s):   L. Evseyeva
Publisher:   Grand Holdings Publishers, Moscow (2005)
Format:   Hardcover
Copies:   1 copy available
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A History of Icon Painting is among the most comprehensive single books on the subject of iconography. High quality and sumptuously illustrated with 500+ full color illustrations, it offers an integral picture of the artistic, cultural, aesthetic and spiritual values which icons have reflected for many nations in different periods of history. Printed on high quality glossy paper, virtually every page contains multiple full color illustrations. Table of Contents include: Theological Fundamentals of the Icon and Iconography; Icon painting techniques; The Byzantine Icon in the 6th to 15th centuries; The Greek icon after the fall of Byzantium; Icon in Ancient Russia, 11th to 17th Centuries; Georgian Icon in the 10th - 15th century; Icons in Serbia ,Bulgaria and Macedonia- 15th -17th centuries; Ukrainian Icon painting; The Byelorussian Icon; Icon Painting in Romania ( Moldova and Walachia); Russian Icon in the 18th - to the beginning of the 20th Century; Icons of the 20th Century; Inscriptions on Icons; Chronological Table; Bibliography; List of Illustrations; Glossary.

Editorial Reviews

This is a major new work, innovative by virtue of its completeness and with a superb level of material presentation. --Nicholas Chapman, Orthodox Christian Books

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Edited by Zaccheus Wood, translated by Kate Cook.