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The New Martyrs of Russia

Author(s):   Michael Polsky
Publisher:   Printshop of St. Job of Pochaev (1972)
Format:   Paperback
Copies:   1 copy available
Product Info:   Book Description

Beginning immediately in 1917 with the Communist takeover of power in Russia, the Communists instituted a plan for the deliberate elimination of "religious prejudice," making the Russian Orthodox Church the primary focus of its intentions. This book contains the original text of the classic 1972 Montreal English edition of the author's efforts to preserve the memory and struggles of his persecuted contemporaries. Also included are numerous articles from the experience of many who witnessed and experienced firsthand the "joys of the worker's paradise" and utilizes many files opened after the fall of the Soviet Union to provide information on various clergy and laity who suffered under the Communist regime. This book represents the most complete account of Russian martyrs in one single source in English availible today. Not only those interested in religous studies but also students of Russian history will find bountiful information and references for further inquiry into this turbulent time that proved to be the single most important event that determined the course of the Twentieth Century .