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The Orthodox Faith, Vol. 1 - Doctrine

Author(s):   Fr. Thomas Hopko
Publisher:   OCA (1997)
Format:   Paperback
Copies:   3 copies available
Product Info:   Book Description
A tall, narrow book with a blue cover, part of a 4-volume series. The author, a priest of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA)was a long-time professor and dean at St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary. He is well-known for his ability to accurately express complex truths of theology and spirituality in everyday language. This series is designed to give instruction in the basics of the Orthodox Christian faith to inquirers and catechumens. It has been widely used in many Orthodox jurisdictions since first published in 1971. Volume One has three major sections: 1. The Sources of Christian Doctrine (revelation, tradition, Bible, liturgy, councils, fathers, saints, canons, church art) 2. The Nicene Creed explained in detail 3. The Holy Trinity