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Bible, Church, Tradition: An Eastern Orthodox View

Author(s):   Georges Florovsky
Publisher:   Nordland Pub. Co (1972)
Format:   Hardcover
Copies:   1 copy available
Product Info:   Vol. 1 of the collected works of Georges Florovsky

"This slim volume is one of Florovsky's most important books, as it sets the groundwork for the relevance of the study of Patristic theology by showing that the Tradition is not to be reduced to the mere collection of all the writings of everyone who wrote as a Christian in the early centuries, but rather that those specific writers who the Church terms "Fathers" are to be understood as bearers of the Tradition with a capital T. Moreover, not everything that they wrote is automatically, according to Florovsky, Tradition. Ultimately, the Church as a eucharistic worshiping community, that is, Church qua Church, is the criterion of the Tradition. This is owing to the fact that the Church is not an abstract proposition, not a vague mystical communion without boundaries, but this or that specific group of people together in Christ.
This and other themes are covered in chapters that include "The Lost Scriptural Mind", "The Catholicity of the Church" "The Function of Tradition the Ancient Church" "The Authority of the Councils and the Tradition of the Fathers" plus several more.
The works of Fr John Meyendorff are also very insightful in this regard. Enjoy! " (from an Amazon reviewer)
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