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In the Image and Likeness of God

Author(s):   Vladimir Lossky
Publisher:   St Vladimirs Seminary Pr
Format:   Paperback
Copies:   1 copy available
Product Info:   This collection of essays by Vladimir Lossky - one of Eastern Orthodoxy's greatest 20th century voices - is a fine complement to his more popular book (which is a modern classic), The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church. It is important to note that this book is not about Orthodox anthropology - that is, the theology of human nature - and although the essays within this volume do touch upon various facets of this theme, only a few of them do so explicitly. Several essays deal with the Trinity and apophatic theology, the meaning of deification, and ecclesiology (the study of the Church). Largely technical in nature, for those that wish to dig a bit more deeply into Orthodox thinking, this is a fine volume to do so with.
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