Council Begins Five-Year Strategic Planning

To ensure Holy Trinity has a “roadmap” in place to guide its mission and ministry to 2016 and beyond, the Parish Council held a special planning session last month. The four-hour meeting opened with a thorough review of the current mission statement. After evaluating its effectiveness and proposing modifications, each participant had an opportunity to share his insights of what the parish would be like in five years if God’s Will was truly accomplished.

Among the six common themes identified was the need to remove all obstacles that could curb our current rate of growth and a clear vision to expand Holy Trinity’s visibility in our community through the broadening and increasing of its social outreach and evangelical ministries. After completing the group exercises, the positive and progress oriented assembly ended with an overwhelming vote of support to the Chapel of the Holy Spirit faithful to proceed with their plans to purchase property in Beavertown. The Council will continue its analysis and the planning process at its June 8 meeting.


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