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2013 (Vol. 18)

December 2013

Sunday School Scoop: Christmas: Joy or Letdown? by Dn. Mark; Extra Scoops; Nativity 2013: Events to Fill the Days with Joy this Season; The Twelve Days of Christmas…They’re When?;  | Orthodox Spirituality: Preparing for God to Come by Fr. Basil Biberdorf; Giving More than We Can Spare | Penn State OCF Members to Attend College Conference | Check Out the Lending Library Advent Display in the Parish Hall | Christmas Cookie Exchange | News & Notes: Extraordinary Assembly Called to Discuss Property; Help the Orthodox Church in Pakistan | Acclaimed Author to Speak at Lancaster Advent Retreat | Inquirer’s Video Series Debuts Online | For the Record: November 2013

November 2013

Annual Meeting: A Time to Look Back, A Time to Look Forward by Fr. John Reeves; Annual Meeting InformationProposed 2014 BudgetSummary of Proposed Bylaw Changes | Czestochowa Icon Visit: Most-Holy Theotokos, Save Us! by Fr. Basil Biberdorf | Konevets Quartet to Perform | Help Matthew 25 Help Others | Register Your Preteens Today | We Have a Mother to Mentor! | Entering into the Life of the Gospel by Fr. Basil Biberdorf | Orthodox Spirituality: On Thanksgiving by Fr. Stephen Freeman | For the Record: October 2013

October 2013

Breaking News: Icon to Visit Holy Trinity as Part of International Pro-Life Procession | Chapel of the Holy Spirit: Entering into the Life of the Gospel by Fr. Basil Biberdorf | Sunday School Scoop: Ten Way Orthodox Parents Set Their Kids Up to Fail by Christina Pessemier |  Parish Council: Annual Meeting Set; Bylaw Changes Proposed | Men’s Fellowship: Discovering New Ways to Serve Each Other and Our Community | Annual Women’s Coffee & Tea | OYA and Jr. OYA Plan October Combined Corn Maze Outing | Second Bridge of Hope Training | Thank You, Matthew 25 Donors | Photo Directory Make-Ups | October Bookstore Feature | News & Notes | For the Record: September 2013

September 2013

Fr. John’s Keynote: See You in September! | Welcome Zach as Choir Director-Intern | Sunday School Scoop: Staying On Course by Dn. Mark Oleynik | Chapel of the Holy Spirit: Planting Christ’s Cross in Beavertown | Returning Fall Ministries: Study Group to Examine the Humanity of Christ | High School Group to Hold Lunch Summit to Plan Activities for Fall | Inquirer’s Class Moves to Wednesday Beginning October 2 | Parish Schedules Photo Days and Shoots for In-House Directory  | Lending Library Update | Bridge of Hope Benefit Dinner | News & Notes | For the Record: August 2013

August 2013

Deacon David Smith Ordained to the Holy Diaconate | Fr. John’s Keynote: Worthy of a Blessing | Sunday School Scoop: Parenting With Unconditional Love | Orthodox Spirituality: Former Taliban Baptized at Mount Athos | Parish Health Series Concludes | Parish Represented at Conference | Chapel Supports School Fair | Altar Society to Hold Meeting | News & Notes | For the Record: July 2013

July 2013

Fr. John’s Keynote: Sabbatical Benefits Continue | Chapel of the Holy Spirit: Why Koinonia?  | Vacation Bible School: Students Sprint to the Finish of a Week Full of Learning, Fun Campus Ministry: The Trap of Summer (Staying Faithful) by Rachel Contos; Penn State OCF Speakers Featured at Conference | Parish Ministries Conference to be Held July 10-13 Near D.C. | Mentors Trained; Await Funding | Many Gather For “Thursdays in the Park”! | July Bookstore Feature | For the Record: June 2013

June 2013

Strategic Growth: Where Do We Go From Here?” by Fr. John Reeves | Chapel of the Holy Spirit: “Out of the Depths, I Cry to Thee” by Fr. Basil Biberdorf; Chapel News Briefs | Orthodox Spirituality: “What Do Orthodox Converts Want?” by Terry Mattingly | VBS Registration Now Open | Smith Diaconal Ordination/Reception Invitation | Thank You, First Responders! | Servers to Hold Annual Retreat | Robe Donations Being Accepted | Mentor Training Rescheduled | Campus Ministry: University Recognizes Many OCF Members with Awards | For the Record: May 2013

May 2013

If Christ Be Not Risen, Our Faith is Vain by Fr. John Reeves | Boston/Texas and Holy Week: A Tale of Two Tough Weeks by Fr. Lawrence Farley | Sunday School Scoop/VBS 2013: Running the Race. Going the Distance. by Dn. Mark Oleynik | Letter to the Editor: Another March for Morality by Alfred Kentigern Siewers | “Thursdays in the Park” Return | David Smith Ordination Date Set | Support Moms and Life this May | Parking at Holy Trinity | For the Record: April 2013

April 2013

Chapel of the Holy Spirit: “Building” Consensus by Fr. Basil Biberdorf | Fr. John’s April Keynote: What Kind of “Bore” Will Lent Be? | From Holy Trinity to a Life Dedicated to Church Service: Where are They Now? | Sunday School Scoop: Children Raise $761 for Housing Transitions | Bridge of Hope 5K Fun Run/Walk | Men to Serve “Work Day” Meal | Annual Audit Conducted | Stay to the End | Remember Matthew 25 This Lent | For the Record: March 2013

March 2013

Be Ambitious to Be Quiet by Dn. Mark Oleynik | Fr. John’s March Keynote: Good News! Now! | Chapel of the Holy Spirit: Meeting Those We Aim to Serve by Fr. Basil Biberdorf; Proposed Bylaw Changes Increase Chapel Representation; Look to Future  |  Orthodox Spirituality: Hell’s Gates Locked from the Inside by Dn. Joseph Gleason; sidebar: All Receive God’s Blessings by St. Peter the Damascene | Contribute to Matthew 25 Lenten Drive | “Soup-er Sunday” Returns March 31 | Young Adults to Attend Lenten Retreat | Tour Holy Land or Russia | Klaus Kenneth to Speak at St. Tikhon’s March 26 | Orthodox Christian Fellowship: OCF Raises $5,824 for THON; OCF Members to Serve in New Jersey and Ukraine | For the Record: February 2013

February 2013

Mine Eyes Have Seen Thy Salvation by Fr. John Reeves | Chapel of the Holy Spirit: When Conscience Calls Us to Act by Fr. Basil Biberdorf  [with More Pro-Life News and Notes] | 2012 Financial Year in Review | Sunday School Scoop: Raising Orthodox Children by Dn. Mark Oleynik | Holy Trinity to Host Child Abuse Recognition Training | Workshop a Great Opportunity to Practice Singing; Join Choir | Bridge of Hope Team Forming | Altar Servers and the Flu Season | Luncheon to Benefit Missions | Night of Basketball, Food, Fun | Young Adult Bowling Social | For the Record: January 2013

January 2013

What Makes a “New Year” by Fr. John Reeves | Help Fill Our Vans to the 40th March for Life! | Celebrations & Opportunities: 2013 Home Blessing Schedule | Orthodox Spirituality: To Our Present and Future Choir Singers | Want to Learn How to Lead our Congregation in Worship? | Our Parish Family is Growing! | Marriage Retreat to be Offered | Penn State OCF Invites You to THON | “Real Break” Registration Open | Archdiocese to Sponsor Family Skating Party in Pittsburgh | Mind & Spirit Moment: 30th Annual Schmemann Lecture to be Held | Chapel of the Holy Spirit to Begin New Bible Study | For the Record: December 2012

2012 (Vol. 17)

December 2012

Sunday School Scoop: Making Time for Action this Christmas; Extra Scoops: Lights! Camera! Action!, New Banners | Fr. John’s Feature: More Cheer in the New Year | Orthodox Spirituality: Another Salvation Opportunity | Chapel of the Holy Spirit: What Christ’s Church is Really About  | Register Your Preteens Today for Middle School Retreat | Missions & Evangelism: OCMC Sets 2013 Team Dates/Locations; Maria Roeber’s Update from the Field | New HTOC Partner Ministry? | Christmas Cookie Exchange | Liturgy Schedule Change in 2013 | Help People Where They Live |  For the Record: November 2012

November 2012

A Look Ahead to the Nov. 18 Annual Meeting Chapel of the Holy Spirit: A Great Deal and Nothing at AllCampus Ministry: OCF Invites Two Prominent Speakers to Area this Month, Register for College Conference | Strategic Growth Team Outlines Plans for the Future | Help Matthew 25 Help Others | Register Your Preteens Today for Middle School Retreat | Pray for our Assembly Delegates | November Bookstore FeatureNews & Notes: Local Abbess Honored, Orthodox Missionaries to Target Moscow Train Stations, New York’s Oldest and Largest Clinic Stops Abortions Due to Protests |  For the Record: October 2012

October 2012

Runners to Support Local Charities | Sponsor a Seminarian | Strategic Growth Team to Begin Next Phase | Chapel of the Holy Spirit: Orthodoxy and Politics | Sunday School Scoop: Tents and Altars; Extra Scoops… Parents Session, “Another Banner Day”, Teachers, Holy Trinity to Sponsor Middle School Retreat Participants | Annual Women’s Coffee and Tea November 3 | Defend Life at Life Chain Sunday | Young Adult Autumn Outing | Boswell Parish to Open House | News & Notes: Palestinian First Lady to Speak on the Fate of Christians in the Holy Land | For the Record: September 2012

September 2012

September Reflections: It’s Another Year! by Fr. John Reeves | The Scandalized by Met. Hierotheos of Nafpaktos | Chapel of the Holy Spirit: Talking About Christianity, Part III | Sunday School Scoop: A Faith Lived; Extra Scoops… Fun Day, First Day of Sunday School, Picture Day | Adult Study Group Begins New Study | Attention Ministry Leaders! | OCF to Participate in Fall Retreat | Shelter Seeks Race Volunteers | News & Notes: 17th All-American Council to be Held in Ohio | For the Record: August 2012

August 2012

Orthodox Ecclesiology: Observing the Great Feasts | Sunday School Scoop: It’s All in the Name; Extra Scoops: Fun Day, Back to School | Orthodox Spirituality: Raising Kids Right, Part I by Fr. Peter Gillquist | Back to School Drive Kicks Off | Take the Feast Day Liturgy Poll | News & Notes: Status of Religious Student Groups Challenged…, Cathedral Opens in Albania, Pre-Buy Heating OilFor the Record: July 2012

July 2012

Orthodox Missions: Parishioners Rally to Support Men’s Mission to Alaska | Maria Roeber Fulfills First Year of Missionary Service | Chapel of the Holy Spirit: Talking About Christianity, Part II | Vacation Bible School: Students Ponder the Nativity of the Lord | Penn State OCF to Join National Campaign | Camp Nazareth to Host Second Annual College Student Retreat | In Memoriam: Fr. Peter Gillquist | New Attendance Record Set | Parish Planning “Ed Day” Trip | ; Begins Work | Ethnic Food Festival to Benefit Men’s Mission to Alaska | Young Adults Plan Social | Reminder: Parking Options | Orthodox Theology: On Same Sex Marriage, Part II | For the Record: June 2012

June 2012

Sunday School Scoop: VBS 2012: “From Heaven to Bethlehem” by Dn. Mark Oleynik; Extra Scoops: Teachers Needed!, Make This Summer Holy as Well Chapel of the Holy Spirit: Talking About Christianity, Part I | Strategic Growth Team Forms; Begins Work | Ethnic Food Festival to Benefit Men’s Mission to Alaska | Young Adults Plan Social | Archdiocese Sponsors Outing | Archbishop Kyrill Five-Year Memorial | Do You Have the Gift of Prayer? | Orthodoxy 101 Begins Series | Orthodox Theology: On Same Sex Marriage, Part I | For the Record: May 2012

May 2012

The Church is Mission by Fr. John Reeves | Chapel of the Holy Spirit: Samaria, Pennsylvania | Sunday School Scoop: What Every Mother Needs; Extra Scoops: School’s Out, Those Who Can–Teach, Vacation Bible School Dates Set | Altar Server’s Retreat | Church Audit Conducted | Forty Liturgies Across the Archdiocese | Note Special Service Times | Young Adult Kick-Off Picnic | Church Etiquette Book Featured | Orthodox News: Killing Babies No Different From Abortion, Experts Say | Orthodox Spirituality: Rolling Away the Heart’s Stone | For the Record: April 2012

April 2012

The Abolition of Death by Christ by J. Mark Barna and Elizabeth J. Barna | Sunday School Scoop: What Can Happen at Church; Extra Scoops: Super Soup-er Sunday, Pascha Preparation Workshop, Myrrhophores, Egg Hunt Chapel of the Holy Spirit: Serving the Flock in a House | Orthodox Christian Fellowship: A Life Changed” by Becky Oliver | Preacher’s Book Now Available | Alaskan Mission Fundraiser Raises Nearly $1,700 | Bishop to Host Spring Gathering | Orthodox News: St. Vladimir’s Seminary Chorale to Perform in New York City; World’s First Airdrop Church Tested; Earthquake Spares Mexican Mission | For the Record: March 2012

March 2012

Men’s Mission to Alaska Confirmed | Sunday School Scoop: Those Little Slips of Paper; Extra Scoops: Were you Ready… Set… for Lent?, Soup-er Sunday Chapel of the Holy Spirit: Mission and Lent; Chapel News Briefs |  “For the Kids” by Becky Oliver | Young Adults to Attend Retreat | Contribute to Matthew 25 Drive | Seminary Men’s Choir to Visit | Orthodoxy 2.0 Begins | Library Continues to Grow | Orthodox News: Egyptian Christians Deported from their Village | Orthodox Spirituality: A Prayer for Preparation | For the Record: February 2012

February 2012

A Christian Ending to Our Lives | Chapel of the Holy Spirit: Proclaiming God at Beaver Creek | 2011 Financial Year in Review: Over a Quarter of a Million Dollars in Stewardship | Reflections on the 39th Annual March for Life | Retreat to Prepare Elementary Schoolers for the Lenten Season | Choir to Host Afternoon Clinic | Orthodox News: Orthodox Priest Martyred | PSU Orthodox Christian Fellowship  Raises Thousands for THON | Pro-Life Auction to be Held |  For the Record: January 2012

January 2012

Lead Articles from Fr. John — Theophany: When Christ Who is Our Life Shall Appear; Memory Eternal, Effie! | House Blessing Season 2012: Why Bless a Home? On the Blessing of Homes at Theophany by Fr. Sergei Sveshnikov; 2012 Holy Trinity House Blessing Schedule; Request Your Blessing Online | Sunday School Scoop: A Time to Serve the Lord; Extra Scoops: Students Attend Annual Retreat, Help Keep the Parish Hall Quiet | At the New Year, A Call to Read the Scriptures Daily | Holy Trinity to Provide Van to March for Life | Planned Parenthood Closes State College Clinic | “Real Break” Registration Open | Archdiocese to Sponsor Family Skating Party in Pittsburgh | For the Record: December 2011

2011 (Vol. 16)

December 2011

The Incarnate Christ in Embryo | Holy Trinity to Sponsor Trip to 2012 March for Life | Nativity at Holy Trinity: The Twelve Days of Christmas, St. Nicholas Tree to Bring Joy, Nativity Poinsettias Available, Holy Supper, Christmas Cookie ExchangeSunday School Scoop: Our Sunday Best (Part IV), Extra Scoops: Students to Attend Retreat, Youth to Perform Nativity Play | Orthodox Youth Association: Youth Serve Shelter at Outing | Fellowship Planning Mission Trip | Adopt a Night at Centre House | For the Record: November 2011

November 2011

State of the Parish: Challenges Ahead | Sunday School Scoop: Our Sunday Best (Part III) | Chapel of the Holy Spirit: Thirsty for More? | Annual Meeting November 13 | Lending Library Debuts | Learn How to Bake Prosphora | Hungry for Nachos? | Matthew 25 Revs Up for Holidays | TLC Supports Our Parish Family | Register for College Conference | For the Record: October 2011

October 2011

Lead Story: My Mission Trip to the Ukraine by Christopher McNultySunday School Scoop: Our Sunday Best (Part II); Extra Scoops: It’s a Go!, Pillows for Patients | Orthodox Spirituality: The Church’s Essential Norm, Frequent Communion: Tradition or Innovation? | Join Us for Coffee and Tea | TLC-2 Ministry to Expand | New Arrival at the Bookstore | Young Adult Group Kicks Off | For the Record: September 2011

September 2011

Lead Story: Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives | Sunday School Scoop: Our Sunday Best (Part I)Extra ScoopsNow is the Time… Everyone Say, “Cheese”… Feasting Opportunites | New Church Year Brings New Ministries | Altar Servers’ Retreat and Lunch | OCF Announces Fall Events |Orthodoxy 101 Returns | Annual Meeting Scheduled | The Orthodox Church Beyond Our Parish: Leading Orthodox Bioethicist To Speak at Bucknell… Annual Orthodox Education Day to Honor Service Men and Women… Turkey to Return Seized Orthodox Property | Orthodox Spirituality: On the Exaltation of the Cross | Chapel of the Holy Spirit: First Service Held on New Land | For the Record: August 2011

August 2011

Chapel of the Holy Spirit: Parish Resoundingly Supports Chapel, Where True Beauty is Found | Sunday School Scoop: Take a Little Honey With YouExtra Scoops: Goal Setting, A Few Good Men and Women, Back to School | Back-to-School Drive Kicks Off | Congratulations to Our Jr. OYA Bowlers | Join Us at Newcomers’ NightThe Orthodox Church Beyond Our Parish: Meteorologists Fail to Explain Descending Cloud on Place of the Lord’s Transfiguration, Agape Grants to Assist Ministries in Eight Countries This Year, Russia Gets Ready to Slap Warning Labels on Abortion Ads | Orthodox Spirituality: Why Fast for Dormition? | For the Record: July 2011

July 2011

Chapel of the Holy Spirit Month at Holy Trinity: Join us in Supporting the Chapel, All-Parish Meeting Regarding Chapel Purchase Scheduled for July 31, CHS Team to Attend “Boot Camp”Our Calling to Evangelize | Nearly 50 Students Instructed in the “Fruits of the Spirit” | Quarters from Heaven (via Holy Trinity) | Full Konevets Quartet Performance Posted Online | Summer Schedule Changes | Archdiocese Sponsors Pirates Baseball OutingThe Orthodox Church Beyond Our Parish: OCA Bishop of N.Y. and N.J. Affirms Sanctity of MarriageSummit to Offer Practical Insight on Inner-City Outreach and MinistryWater Brought to Remote Village through OCMC Mission Efforts | For the Record: June 2011

June 2011

Sunday School Scoop: Vacation Bible School: Got Fruit?, Extra ScoopsStrengthen Your Summer Family Devotions | Parishioners to Attend Architecture SeminarCouncil Begins Five-Year Strategic PlanningSex Isn’t Sin!* | Renowned Choir to Present Evening of Sacred Russian Music Young Adults to Hold SocialNew Arrival at the BookstoreJoin the Lawn RotationThe Orthodox Church Beyond Our Parish: IOCC Volunteers Coordinate Relief in Storm-Ravaged Areas, Kosovo Muslims Make Christians “Live in Constant Fear”, Alaskan Graves Blessed | For the Record: May 2011

May 2011

Enthusiasm Builds in BeavertownGood News from Matthew 25Sunday School Scoop: It’s a Wrap!Extra ScoopsVacation Bible School Update, “When God Created Teachers” | The Miracle of the Holy FireNothing Half-NakedCoffee Hour Ministry Seeking Volunteer CoordinatorThank You, Chocolate LoversPlaygroup Returns This MonthCongratulations, GraduatesThe Orthodox Church Beyond Our Parish: Christina Semon Begins Second Term of Missionary Service |Orthodox Camp Seeks Staff and Counselors for Summer SeasonFor the Record: April 2011

April 2011

The Final Words of Christ | Sunday School Scoop: Family Pascha GuideExtra Scoops (Many Thanks, Sshhh… Learning Going On, First Confession, Vacation Bible School Dates Set) | Serving Christ this Lent | Sanctifying Technology in Parish Life | The Journey | The Orthodox Church Beyond Our Parish: Muslim Extremists Torch Orthodox Christian Churches, Homes, In Japan, Clergy Safe; Most Churches Miraculously Still Standing, Annual Summer Conference to Explore Women’s VocationsThe Passions and Our Tribulations | On Enduring Through Grief | For the Record: March 2011

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