From the Rector’s Desk—January 2014

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First off, Judy Fryncko has served us well as parish secretary for a solid decade, doing many things far beyond the scope of her job description. But Judy has asked to retire and her request has been reluctantly blessed, beginning January 1. Words cannot express my personal thanks to her for all her tireless, well-humored, professional demeanor putting up with me. We started off sharing a computer and a desk in the old office before we remodeled. Judy has carried off everything with tact and poise over the years.

Laura Rush will replace Judy as parish secretary as of the first of the year. She has been shadowing Judy during December to learn the ropes and brings much personal experience in bookkeeping to her position. Laura, husband Jay, and daughters, Joelle and Julia have been part of HTOC for almost five years now. A native, Laura grew up in Boalsburg and graduated from State High. It is a joy to welcome Laura on staff.

It will be our joy to welcome His Grace Bishop Melchisedek to celebrate Theophany with us—Saturday, January 4 through Monday, January 6.

Each year, we seem to send more marchers on the March for Life, January 22, in Washington. It is one of the most conspicuously under-reported events by most of the nation’s media but to anyone who has ever participated it is jaw-dropping and overwhelming. The size of the crowds and the youth of the majority of the marchers is an awe-inspiring sight. As in recent years, HTOC will be sending at least one, if not two, vans to transport our marchers. Donations are gladly accepted to defray the cost of the trip. Reservation donations can be refunded up to one week before departure. See Deacons Alex or Mark for details.

At this pace, January will be over before we know it, but that’s how it appears from the Rector’s Desk. Blessings!

— Fr. John

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