From the Rector’s Desk—January 2015

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Even Greater Things Await Us

The secular New Year comes near the middle of the twelve day Nativity-Theophany celebra-tion. It has become a time to look both for-ward to what a new year hopefully portends as well as to assess the bane and blessings of the one just past.

The Theophany is likewise one of looking to Christ’s revelation of Himself not merely at the River Jordan, in the past, but his Coming Again in glory, at the End of Time. We are in the tension between one revelation and the other, two manifestations of Christ that do not contradict each other. Rather the former is fulfilled by the latter.

Christ is made manifest at the River Jordan, revealing the Trinity to the world and giving man the hope of New Life in Christ by the saving waters of Baptism.

At His Second Coming, Christ will come again, with glory to judge the world and to receive into the fullness of His Kingdom all those who have united their lives with His. Good things have come to pass but greater ones await all who long for His Coming.

As the parish looks forward this year, we take stock of a number of things which we could not have foretold last year, the most obvious one being the acquisition of Trinity House next door. Now it consumes much discussion and time for planning, what it will look like and how we will develop future ministries for greater service.

The parish has responded generously to the challenge with more than $100,000 raised in short order to help purchase, remodel and refurbish. This was added to the more than $100,000 which we already had in the building fund.

The only item we really need a sponsor for is the handicapped-accessible restroom for the first floor. (Its $10,000 price tag can be whittled down to size by several individuals who might choose to donate a portion of the overall cost. It can be paid out over the next three years if desired. Check the new thermometer in the narthex to gauge our progress.)

Don’t forget though that while our Capital Campaign raised money for purchase, our weekly and monthly pledges and offerings are needed in response to the cost of maintenance and operations. We face an ap-proximately 10% increase in expenses over 2014. Regular, systematic, and sacrificial giving will be the key. Join with your rector and raise your pledge for 2015.

If you don’t receive offering envelopes in the mail monthly, please let the church office know to get on the list. Remember, parish expenses are constant whether or not one is at church each week.

In all that we do let us look forward to what Christ is doing in our midst during 2015. He really surprised us in 2014.

Also From Father’s Desk…

  • Help fill our vans to the March for Life! Holy Trinity will provide free transportation to the 42nd March for Life in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, January 22. The trip is sponsored by our campus and Sunday School ministries. Our goal is to fill two 15-passenger vans with parish-ioners of all ages. The rally is held on the National Mall beginning at noon. Our delegation will join fellow Orthodox from around the country in marching up to the Supreme Court where a prayer service will be led by Metropolitan Tikhon and other hierarchs. 

    The pilgrimage departs from the church parking lot promptly at 6:30 a.m., and returns by 10 p.m., stopping each way at the Sheetz in Duncannon at approximately 8 a.m./p.m. to pick up and drop off Chapel members. Participants should wear warm clothing, pack a lunch, and bring money for a dinner stop on the way home. RSVPs to are appreciated.

  • New this year: e-Tithing. You can now arrange for your bank to draft a regular amount from your checking account, wherever you bank, each month and deposit it in the parish’s account. There is no cost to you for this convenient way to donate regularly to the church. See Dn. Alex or email for information.
  • The Chapel of the Holy Spirit is looking forward to getting its own building project underway this spring, once all the permits have been obtained. The Chapel has relocated to the MACC, a community center in Beaver Springs for its worship services. The move has already attracted a new family to begin worshipping regularly with its community. Worshipping with the Chapel is a wonderful experience as we continue to build up the Church beyond our parish. Services are at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.
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