From the Rector’s Desk—January 2016

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New Opportunities for Ministry

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IMG_7125We’re starting January 2016 in a new way, literally: new Sunday School classrooms; new conference facilities, a new student lounge, an expanded bookstore and lending library, plus offices for staff, new to boot as well. Yes, we finally have that seemingly elusive occupancy permit for Trinity House, and it will be all ready to go when Sunday School resumes on January 10. There’s still some furnishings to be delivered, but it’s quite a lovely place that makes a great impression on anyone visiting Holy Trinity throughout the week.

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Our energies have been focused on beautifying the temple since we remodeled it nine years ago. But Trinity House is quite an upgrade in and of itself. For me personally it means my office—all three offices, in fact—is above ground level. (I forgot the positive effect of natural lighting having officed in the basement for the last 20 years! What a difference it makes.) With more than 2,500 square feet of additional ministry space next door, many others in the parish and community will benefit as well.

Speaking of making a difference, there is much more room for fellowship in the Parish Hall, since we have been able to repurpose the former offices in the basement. My old office is now the Kindergarten and Pre-K classroom, which doubles as a nursery for moms during services. (Parents do need to stay with their children whenever using the space.).

Finally, the Bookstore is now where Laura’s office was, with plenty of room for browsing and chatting.

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Our new office hours are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday, and by appointment. Our address will shift to 123 S. Sparks, but “119” will still get the mail to us. The phone remains the same, 231-2855.

Finally, don’t forget our ultimate goal is to keep the Archpriest Alexander Atty Memorial Student Lounge open each weekday for the benefit of students. We are going to depend on volunteer staffing to do this outside of regular hours. Thanks to those who have already volun-teered. Please let Deacon Alex know if you can offer a few hours a week or month to make this happen.

One last thing: the driveway will be blocked off each Sunday during the school year to allow our kiddoes additional safety as they move to and from Trinity House. Please access the lot from the rear alley.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make this happen through your prayers and donations. May each of you have a happy, healthy, blessed New Year.

From the (relocated) Rector’s Desk in Trinity House,
Fr. John

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