Quarters from Heaven (via Holy Trinity)

by Melody Thompson

Quarters (image courtesy of Stephen J. Sullivan)In thinking about our quarter collection effort for Centre House ministry news (the local homeless shelter) my mind was “nudged” into one of those strange connections and I thought of the old song “Pennies from Heaven” (see lyrics here). Oldsters like myself will remember the title of the song, but how many of us ever focused closely on the lyrics?

Believe it or not, the old Bing Crosby song has a strong theological message. It first talks about not appreciating what we have until it’s covered by clouds. But the lyrics also remind us that blessings can come from those clouds. Today, the residents of Centre House are likely feeling that their skies are pretty cloudy. But we can help them see the “silver lining”—that there are people who care about them in their distress—by contributing quarters for their laundry needs or for parking when they go for job interviews.

Inflation may have necessitated changing pennies to quarters, but the meaning is still the same. Please help your neighbors at Centre House by depositing quarters in one of the two collection receptacles (one in the Narthex and one in the Parish Hall), which can be identified by the photograph of Centre House.

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