Transition Team Completes Work; Submits Profile

On December 30, Fr. John (center) gathers with the clergy and faithful of the State College community following his last Divine Liturgy celebrated as rector. His tenure here will be marked by substantial growth: in addition to the many who transferred to the parish over his 22 years here, Fr. John personally baptized and/or chrismated more than 180 souls. In the liturgy, we thanked God for Fr. John’s pastorate and prayed that our Lord would continue to add daily those that are being saved, including a new rector.

A the request of Archbishop Melchisedek, the Holy Trinity-Chapel of the Holy Spirit Transition Team met before the end of the past calendar year to create a profile outlining the parish’s organizational culture as well as a set of candidate interview questions for His Eminence to give to prospective rector candidates.

The meeting was held on December 13; the group’s work product was sent to His Eminence, our Chancellor Fr. Bill Evansky, and our Dean Fr. Mark Meholick; it can be viewed below.

Rather than attempting to list the characteristics and viewpoints of a diverse group of parishioners, the profile contains the parish’s mission statement; list of core values; a comprehensive history; budgets for the current year and the previous four; vital statistics including average Sunday attendance and census data; and the 2018 Annual Report, which contains pertinent financial information and ministry reports.

The Transition Team strongly believed that the mission and vision of the parish—and the stewardship that supports it—is the clearest demonstration of the parish’s organizational culture. The parish extends an invitation to all who wish to participate in its shared vision, and the budget declares what the congregation values most. His Eminence received the submission and has promised an appointment of an interim or permanent rector by Annunciation.


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