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Narnia Kids Return—VBS Kids Ready for Battle!

VBS concludes with students outfitted with the armor of God

IMG_2812State College, PA — Today, Holy Trinity’s VBS concluded with the climatic finish of our themed story—The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.  Through the use of symbols, the students realized that the plot and chronology of the story portrays the history, fall, and plan unfolding in the world as well.

As we left the story yesterday Lucy and Susan were watching what was happening at the Stone Table in absolute horror and sat crying. We picked up the story as the girls came out from behind the bushes after the Witch left and tried to untie the ropes that bound Aslan, but they could not. Suddenly hundreds of little mice came out from the tall grass and nibbled away at every single rope until they were all gone.  Still the great Aslan laid there.

When the dawn of early morning came the girls heard a huge cracking and they turned to see the Stone Table had cracked into two pieces and that Aslan himself was standing beside it … complete with a full mane!  Aslan quickly explained to the girls that the White Witch was right about the Deep Magic which said that she had the right to have a blood sacrifice for Edmund’s sin, but there was a deeper magic which she did not know. It says that if a willing victim who had committed no treachery was sacrificed instead of the traitor, the Table would crack and Death itself would start working backward.

IMG_5445Aslan, flying along at the greatest speed with the girls on his back, reached the Witch’s castle and jumped right over the gates into the courtyard filled with stone statues and began breathing on each statue until each was restored to life again.  At the same time, in the valley just below the Stone Table, Peter and his faithful little army were fighting for their lives with Edmund bravely fighting along side his brother.  He knew if he could just get the wand out of the Witch’s hand she would be defenseless. Soon he had his opportunity and he destroyed her instrument of power with his sword. When Aslan arrived with his fresh troops, they quickly joined the battle and he killed the White Witch himself With the death of their leader, the wicked creatures who made up the Queen’s army were defeated.  Then  Lucy gave Edmund, who was badly wounded, a few drops of the special juice from the fire-flowers to revive him.

The next day at the castle of Cair Paravel,  Aslan crowned the four children as King Peter, QueenSusan, King Edmund and Queen Lucy.  They were then seated upon the thrones as prophecy was fulfilled.  These two Kings and two Queens governed Narnia well and long … and happy was their reign.

IMG_2745One day, the Kings and Queens decided to hunt for the White Stag when they  a lamp-post. As they continued down the path, they found themselves no longer making their way through tree branches, but through coats! Suddenly, they were coming out of the Wardrobe and they were just Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy.

And that would have been the very end of the story except for the Professor who was a very remarkable man.  He tells them they are not likely to get back to Narnia through the same route but they will, indeed, return someday for once a King or Queen in Narnia, you will always be one.

Meet the Characters

Lamp post  — is what shows Lucy, and all others that visit Narnia, the way.  It is the only light that greets a visitor in an otherwise grey and cloudy world. Under its light, things become clearer. In a sense, those who teach you how to study the Bible are providing you the light from which you can see the meaning of God’s Word more clearly.

Wardrobe — we all start out in an imaginary innocent world oblivious to the real picture of what is going on here, unless by faith, in Christ, who is the only Door  (the wardrobe) we enter into and are illuminated, revealing the kingdom of God.  It is the entry way to the spiritual kingdoms.

What’s in the Book

I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them; I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh. — Ezekiel 11:19

When at last she was free to come back to Edmund, she found him standing on his feet and not only healed of his wounds, but looking better than she had seen him look in-oh, ages;  in fact ever since his first term in that horrid school which was where he had begun to go wrong.  He had become his old self again and could look you in the face again.  And there on the field of battle Aslan made him a Knight. — p. 146-147


Many thanks to all of the teachers, cooks, mural painters, helpers, and extra hands.  It is through their stewardship that the VBS is able to be conducted.  Most especially,  thanks to the students for their enthusiasm and willingness to learn (and their parents who brought them).

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