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Spiritual reading is an important part of our Lenten discipline along with fasting, prayer and alms-giving. It stirs up our zeal, teaches us genuine faith, and helps us to stay focused and aimed at the right mark. Come visit us at the bookstore or the library to stock up on your Lenten reading.

Bookstore – We have many Lenten devotionals in the bookstore as well as the lives and writings of the saints. Our Lenten sale runs March 3-April 14 with all books 15% off.  Stop by and browse during coffee hour or anytime we are open. (see our website for current hours) You can also browse the inventory online  (We apologize but due to technical issues we  can only offer the discount for purchases in store, not online. )

Library – A table will be out in the parish hall starting next Sunday March 2nd featuring a selection of books from our library.  For the full searchable library catalogue please click here. Books can be borrowed for 6 weeks and renewed up to 3 times. Talk to Anna or email with questions or to request a book.

November’s Bookstore Feature

The Parish Bookstore is now featuring Everyday Saints and Other Stories by Archimandrite Tikhon. An Orthodox bestseller with more than a million copies sold, it is available in English and Russian.

New Arrival at the Bookstore

The Holy Trinity Bookstore is pleased to announce the arrival of the newest edition of Grand Duchess Elizabeth of Russia: New Martyr of the Communist Yoke by Lubov Millar from the Nikodemos Orthodox Publication Society. The Bookstore, open after the Sunday Divine Liturgy in the Parish Hall, regularly expands its diverse selection of titles. All new arrivals are now placed on the bottom shelf of the center bookcase.

This book is a fascinating recounting of the Grand Duchess’ life, and includes dozens of her letters– to her grandmother, Queen Victoria; to her brother, the last Grand Duke of Hesse; and to several friends. The author relied on unpublished sources in two countries and published sources in four languages. The scholarship and passion the author put into researching her subject shows. The religious content of the work, considering the religious nature of the Grand Duchess and the central role religion played in her life, is entirely appropriate and even necessary. In any case, it is nowhere near as militant as the subtitle (“new martyr of the Communist yoke”) might indicate. Quite simply, this is a well-researched and affectionate portrait of a fascinating and complex woman, one of the best biographies of her I have read.

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