VBS 2017 Daily News: Wednesday

Our Light at Night is Jesus
Students Attend Vespers to Start Their VBS Day

STATE COLLEGE, PA — Having come to the setting of the sun, the students reached the midpoint of VBS. Today the students continued their examination of what it means to live in an Orthodox world with the study of Jesus being our light in darkness. The focus was on the reality that through Christ the captivity of the soul has come to an end—the darkness is dispersed by the Light of Christ.

A highlight of the day was the attendance of the students at Vespers. In the Orthodox Church the liturgical day begins in the evening with the setting of the sun. This practice follows the Biblical account of
creation: “And there was evening and there was morning, one day” (Gen. 1:5).

The Vespers service in the Church begins with the chanting of the evening psalm: “…the sun knows it’s time for setting, Thou makest darkness and it is night…” (Psalm 104:19-20). This psalm, which glorifies God’s creation of the world, is man’s very first act of worship, for man first of all meets God as Creator.

The service of Vespers takes us through creation, sin, and salvation in Christ. It leads us to the meditation of God’s word and the glorification of his love for men. It instructs us and allows us to praise God for the particular events or persons whose memory is celebrated and made present to us in the Church. It prepares us for the sleep of the night and the dawn of the new day to
come. On the evening before the Divine Liturgy, it begins our movement into the most perfect communion with God in the sacramental mysteries.

A True Hero—The Life of Fr. Arseny Recalled

A real hero for Christ, Fr. Arseny, lived not so long ago in Communist Russia. Today the students learned how prison guards called him names, hit him, and would not let him wear his priest’s clothing. But prison leaders could not stop him from praying and he prayed for those who held him captive because he knew that they were very sad because they did not have the light of Christ in them. However, through his witness he was able to lead others to Christ even in the most dire and dark circumstances. Truly, the Light of Christ has shown forth in Fr. Arseny.

It’s a Group Thing

This year’s VBS students have been grouped by some of the names of the liturgical services being studied throughout the week. Ask your favorite VBS student their group and when their service is celebrated.

FPO — For Parents Only

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